Welcome to Orania


Welcome to Orania

A secure future for our people!


Why Orania?

During the eighties, many Afrikaner leaders began to realize that the then current political system was not sustainable and that a unique solution should be developed to ensure the future of Afrikaners.

The idea of an autonomous territory for Afrikaners was conceived and Orania was bought in 1991. If one contemplates the collapse of the Afrikaner’s cultural symbols, monuments, language and traditions, we realize once again that the Afrikaner can only survive if he occupies his own territory where language, culture, traditions and beliefs are protected and expanded and are practiced fully without discrimination.

What is Orania?

Orania is an independent Afrikaner community that strives for Afrikaner self-determination. Orania aims through a process of increasing self-determination to bring about this ideal. Orania’s independent local government has been rendering services and promoting development successfully for twenty years without any state aid.
In Orania the following principles are adhered to:
• Control over own institutions such as our municipality, schools, social services and museums.
• An own territory.
• Own Afrikaner Labour.


Orania’s population is currently (December 2017) standing at 1 400 residents and around 300 children attend two schools in Orania. Active growth and increasing interest in the community led to a shortage of housing which is presently being addressed: eight building contractors are actively building new homes! Many developers and investors are also considering getting involved in Orania.


Orania has over 10,000 registered supporters that support the ideals of the community. This includes support groups in five foreign countries. In recent surveys, widespread support was shown among Afrikaners for the dream and vision of Orania and supporters are regularly voicing support in the media and on websites.


The pillar of Orania’s economy is agriculture and tourism. Orania strives toward sustainable agriculture and has established a collective pecan orchard of more than

15 000 trees in recent years. About 90 tons of pecan nuts was exported to China in 2010. Lucerne, cattle, sheep and emus are also produced. Thousands of tourists visit annually and a luxurious four star hotel recently opened its doors in Orania.

Orania promotes the principle of greater self-determination for the Afrikaner, as recognized in the country’s constitution, by empowering Afrikaners economically in their own territory. We focus strongly on sustainability and in Orania we prefer to create employment rather than handing out clothes or food to needy Afrikaners. In Orania one can create a future for oneself if you are willing to work!

Orania has its own currency (the Ora) as a medium of exchange in place of the Rand. It encourages people to support local businesses. The development of a local economy that can sustain itself is very important to Orania. Many South African communities suffer precisely because of that they lack the ability to manage their own economies and thus create more money circulating in the local community.


Orania is one of a very few communities that actively protect natural resources and the environment. A significant proportion of homes in Orania use solar water heating and installation is compulsory for all new buildings. In addition, residents are also obliged to separate their rubbish into five containers for recycling, leaving only a small portion as waste to be disposed of. Plastic, paper, glass and metal is recovered.


Orania focuses strongly on the protection and development of Afrikaner culture and  has its own set of holidays. Cultural activities play a large role in people’s daily lives. Orania is a community with strong Christian values and the institutions in Orania  directly or indirectly promote these values to a new generation of Afrikaners.

Days like Majuba Day, Founders Day, Bittereinderdag, Taaldag (Language Day), Heroes Day and Day of the Covenant are highlights on Orania’s calendar. Members of the community participate actively in these days of cultural celebrations. From a tender age children of Orania are taught to appreciate their culture and traditions, and they look forward to annual celebrations.


Orania has an own radio station (Radio Orania) that broadcasts daily for most of the day on 95.5 FM. Voorgrond is the Orania Movement’s magazine, the city council’s newspaper, Orania Dorpnuus, as well as pamphlets and other communications appear from time to time for random communication. Orania can also be found at www.orania.co.za, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


In Orania, we are building a better future for our children. While Afrikaners today experience crime, affirmative action, black economic empowerment, Anglicisation of universities, deterioration of standards, poor service and a total alienation from their environment, Orania offers a solution where people can still be themselves and thrive in a supporting environment.
As Orania grows, more people are moving here and the town’s ability to govern and general position is strongly improving. During the past 20 years Orania has significantly developed in terms of legitimacy, power and prestige. Today, Orania is a successful community with a strong local economy that find solutions to the problems Afrikaners experience.

Orania can and will in future be an alternative for Afrikaners!

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Join a winning formula for Afrikaners by Afrikaners!

How can you support Orania?
• Join the Orania Movement: SMS your name and surname to 35933
• Support the Orania Movement Helpsaam Fund
• Invest in the Orania Growth Fund
• Buy property in Orania
• Holiday in Orania
• Support businesses in Orania
• Support Orania’s institutions such as schools, churches, Orania Social Council and Radio Orania.

Find out about Orania:
• Visit www.orania.co.za or write to inligting@orania.co.za
• Contact the Orania Movement at 053 207 0062
• Visit Orania and go on a guided tour: 053 2070 062

  • Join the Orania Movement’s Facebook and Twitter groups
    • Buy an introductory Orania DVD at the Orania Movement Bookstore

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